Cowboy upgrades its e-bike with a carbon belt and puncture-resistant tires

Brussels-based startup Cowboy launched its first e-bike last year, solving the tech’s ongoing battle between form and function with its unique removable battery. Now it’s had an upgrade. The Cowboy 3 comes with a bunch of new hardware features designed to make e-bike commuting easier and more stylish, while still touting a sleek removable battery built into its frame.

First up, there’s a new carbon belt (no oily chain, as per), this time provided by transmission supplier Gates. This is a well-known brand, so bike shops should be able to maintain the belt more easily. Cowboy says it’s good for 30,000 kilometers, compared to the original bike’s 15,000. The gears have also been tweaked, with a lower gear ratio making it easier to get up hills, and puncture-resistant tires have been introduced. The trim has been given an upgrade, and the bike is now available in three colorways — absolute black and two shades of grey: anthracite and mineral.

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